The cattery is fully enclosed, with an indoor garden and offers suites with outdoor courtyards as well as deluxe balcony suites with garden views where your cat can relax and enjoy watching the birds. Because this is a small cattery, we are only able to accept a limited amount of guests. This allows our staff to provide personal attention to each and every guest.

Photo Gallery

We hope you enjoy our photo gallery and videos from the Catterlodge. 

Catterlodge Offers

No Extra Costs!

Catterlodge rates are all inclusive of brushing, play time, extra cuddles and administering of medicaton to your cat.

No Seasonal
​Price Increases!

Catterlodge rates never increase over peak seasons. We offer affordable rates all year round.

No Dogs on Property!

Catterlodge is a cat only facility. There are no dogs on the property. This allows our guests to relax and enjoy their stay.

Gallery: ​​Our Facility

Please click on the photos below to view all photos in the image gallery. 
  1. cattery garden
  2. Cattery VIC
  3. deluxe suite
  4. cat courtyard
  5. alcove cattery
  6. deluxe suite exterior view
  7. deluxe suite
  8. catterlodge
  9. courtyard
  10. indoor garden cattery
  11. cattery standard suite
  12. catwalk
  13. standard suite cattery
  14. indoor garden
  15. deluxe suite view
  16. cattery
  17. standard suite
  18. deluxe suite
  19. catterlodge
  20. outdoor courtyards
  21. catterlodge
  22. cattery
  23. Cats Love Cattery
  24. catterlodge
  25. catterlodge
  26. Serenity at Catterlodge
  27. Ollie in Activity garden
  28. Gypsy at Catterlodge
  29. Doug at Catterlodge
  30. Bella at Catterlodge
  31. catterlodge activity garden
  32. home at catterlodge
  33. Cats at Catterlodge
  34. cat bed
  35. Cattery
  36. Catterlodge
  37. Catterlodge
  38. cattery
  39. cattery
  40. Cat at cattery
  41. cattery
  42. cattery
  43. cattery
  44. cat in sun
  45. Managing Director
  46. cat hammock catterlodge
  47. Cattery VIC
  48. interior suites Catterlodge
  49. garden Catterlodge
  50. catterlodge
  51. Catterlodge
  52. catterlodge
  53. catterlodge
  54. Managing Director
  55. catterlodge
  56. catterlodge

Catterlodge has a
Vet on call 24/7
if your cat becomes
​sick or injured.

Videos at Catterlodge

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